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Novella skin creams with rich marine Omega3 are the most advanced products in the line of skin repair. Novella skin creams possess quad-action formula especially developed to improve the health of the itchy, dry, thick and scaly skin. It has superior moisturising that deeply hydrates, softens, exfoliates and conditions the skin.

Novella Revive for Diabetic Foot

Novella Revive with mOmega3 with quad action formula helps to maintain the skin´s moisture seal-in function and restores the health of the intercellular filling material.Novella Revive is a patented formula that effectively relieves the symptoms of very dry and cracked feet, as well as the diabetic foot by increasing the permeability of the cracked or calloused skin. This allows for intense hydration and penetration of the other effective ingredients to soften and condition the skin.

Novella Advanced for Psoriasis

In extreme cases the excessive skin build-up becomes very dry and covered with flaky skin or scales causing skin itching and irritation. Novella Advanced with Omega3 has been specially formulated to reduce itching and expedite the removal of skin flakes and scales.Novella Advanced with mOmega3 rehydrates the skin and softens to provide smoother texture and appearance.

Novella Excel for Eczema

Skin can become red, dry and inflamed, on the hands, on the inside of the arms, on the back of the knees and on other parts of the body. This is often caused by reactions of the immune system to environmental harassment and having something that dermatologists call a “barrier defect”. A barrier defect is a term that means “gaps in the skin”. These gaps allow the skin to lose water too quickly. The gaps also allow germs and other things to enter the body causing skin inflammation and discomfort. Eczema prone skin can be red, inflamed and sensitive. Novella Excel with mOmega3 has been specially formulated to calm eczema prone skin and reduce itching. The cream rehydrates the skin and reliefs skin tension.

Novella Smooth for Bumpy Skin and Hair Ingrowth

Skin bumps are also commonly created because of hair ingrowth for example after razing. Razor bumps are unsightly and painful. They result when the shaved hair gets trapped inside the follicle or grows back into the skin. It can cause scarring, redness and swelling and has the medical term is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. Novella Smooth relaxes and softens the skin so that it conforms better path to the growing hair.

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